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Please take a few moments to look at our website to see all that we have to offer. We take pride in the compassionate care, respect and dignity that we provide. All of this is to ensure quality of life among our seniors we serve!

We have two assisted living campuses - Whispering Pines and The Lodge at Whispering Pines are our Plover Campus. Whispering Pines is a CBRF (Community Based Residential Facility) which provides assisted living care for 40 individuals, all in spacious, private rooms, that include an enclosed courtyard that features a year around fish pond that the residents can enjoy. We take pride in our wonderful activity program that is second to none!

The Lodge at Whispering Pines is a RCAC (Residential Care Apartment Complex) that provides assisted living care to seniors. We have 48 apartments and all of these apartments have separate living and sleeping areas and all rooms are private unless a person wanted to share an apartment as a couple. Assistance can be provided within the privacy of thier own apartment and 24 hour staff are available by a wireless call system. Much care is taken to ensure quality care within a homelike setting where tenants have the socialization available as they wish just down the hall and the privacy of thier own apartment. 

We are excited as we have entered in the Skilled Nursing and Rehab Area of Resident Care. We currently own 2 nursing homes in Green Bay that we have added to the company and we are planning to add a skilled nursing facility to our campuses in Plover and Wisconsin Rapids in the near future. Currently there is an Independent Elderly Apartment opening in Wisconsin Rapids. We feel it is important that our elderly be served in the appropriate level that is individualized to their care. By offering these different levels of care, we feel that we will be able to achieve this level of choice that is so important.

At the Wisconsin Rapids Campus, we also have two facilities. Arborwood Lodge is a RCAC (Residential Care Apartment Complex) which offers 48 apartments with all of the care and amenities of an assisted living home. Independance and choice is stressed and tenants can receive the assistance they need in the care enviroement they have chosen. This allows our seniors to live as independantly as possible yet receive the care they need within that setting. You can walk in this beautiful facility any day to find someone chatting by the fireplace or enjoying a card game in the acitivity room.

Arborview Court is a CBRF (Community Based Residential Facility). We are licensed for 50 individuals. The building is divided and one side of the facility focuses primarily on Memory Care and the other side focuses on Assisted Care. Our enclosed courtyards are beaituful and offers our residents the ability to go outside and be safe, while enjoying the beautful weather and gardens that encompess the grounds. Both of our facilities in Wisconsin Rapids also have activity programs that are always striving to make each day as good as it can be with all the smiles that make each of us feel spceial.

We strive to meet all of the needs of our resdients and we feel spirituality is very important as well. We have an on staff chaplain who is available to our residents to provide that speical spiritual support that is so important. Both of our campuses also have activity directors in each facility that have programs that are active and exciting. We are always trying to meet the needs and wants of our residents.

In all of facilities we strive to meet all of our resident needs to include physical care. Opportuntiies for socialization, spiritual support and health care monitoring are available at all times. In addition to trained compassionate care givers we have 2 registered nurses at each of our locations to assist in ensuring that care needs are met. Our meals are home cooked in each facility and are delicious. Feel free to see our sample menus as listed.

Please take some time to expore our web site and see what we have to offer! You will be glad that you did...

Feel free to contact us at the individual facilities on the "Contact us" page at each location. We are here to offer any support that we can and answer any questions that you have.

If you would like to contact the cororate office for general information you can contact us at:

Karen Trzebiatowski RN

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